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Is Your Website A Business Cost Or A Business Investment

Designing a successful new website involves a number of steps along the way. During our years of building websites we have constantly come across the same problem surrounding how clients view their website. More often than not we find clients view their website as an extension of their business card even to the point where we’ve heard clients state;

“we only have a website because you have to have a website nowadays, but we don’t really get any business from it.”

This statement always resonates with me because I think in general there is a real lack of understanding of how to make your website generate business for you. This lack of understanding isn’t necessarily down to the client as much as their web designer; after all they are being employed because they are supposed to be the expert, so they have to take some responsibility for not educating their clients and just being happy to produce a website and then leave you to it whilst moving on to their next job.

What we see are businesses building new websites, investing money into a marketing resource and then doing nothing with it, just leaving it to exist in the background of their business, essentially writing off the costs over a number of years.

If we think about this in relation to any other asset your business purchases, you wouldn’t dream of purchasing it and then not utilising it would you?! For example, your business decides to invest in a new printer, you’ve invested in it because it’s quicker and cheaper to run than your existing one so it’s going to save you money on a day to day basis. Now that you’ve had it delivered are you going to unpack it and put it in the corner of the office to just look at it? Or are you going to get it setup and start using it in order to get the return on your investment? I suspect it’s the later, well I hope it is anyway!

The same should go for your new website; you should be investing in a website and a website designer which can provide you with a return on your investment. In order to do that you need to have a website which will enable you to use it in a manner that can provide a return, which can help generate new business for you and therefore ultimately pay for itself.

To do this your website needs a strategy; it needs to dovetail into your overall marketing process because in isolation a website is little more than an elaborate business card for you… and when was the last time your business card alone generated new business for you?!

So what is the process and strategy your website and web designer should be talking you through and looking to implement on your new website? Well the details of the strategy are going to be different for each business and website but the process you go through should cover the same topics and we’ll cover each of them individually over the course of 9 posts for you. For now though the quick answer is:

The ten items are listed loosely in order but in reality they all intertwine and relate to one another as you’ll see in each of the relevant individual posts. By the time you have read each of them hopefully you’ll have an understanding of how your website can be designed to be a business investment and provide a return by actively helping generate new business for you.

In the meantime if you’re considering having a new website built and would be interested in speaking with us at Worth Developing please contact us through our Start Your Project page – we’ll ask you a series of questions about your project to give us an initial insight to what you’re looking for before arranging a suitable time to speak to you in greater depth.

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What Are Your Website’s Aims & Objectives

When designing a successful website to provide a return on your investment one of the key items is setting out your aims & objectives. Without aims and objectives there is no way to measure how the website is performing and whether or not it is being successful in providing a return on investment.

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