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Emabrace Your Website Analytics & Data

Once your website is built and live on the internet for the world to see you’ll want to keep track of how it’s performing just the way you do with any other asset in your business.

Simply put, if you can’t monitor the statistics your website is capable of delivering to you, you can’t analyse how well the various sections of your marketing strategy or sales funnel are performing. You have no way of measuring the effectiveness of the time and resources you are putting into your marketing efforts or identifying ways that they can be improved.

As we have alluded to throughout this series on designing a successful website, your website in isolation won’t provide the maximum value it can if left unattended and to simply exist as an extension to your business card. Your website is a cog in a greater mechanism but it is the analytical data which can be derived from your website that illustrates how well the various elements of the larger mechanism are working and provides the insight where attention needs to be given in fine tuning your sales funnel.

If we think back to when we discussed the use of sales funnels and consider the opening section of Exposure we should be able to see how this is working via the website analytics. The Exposure section is all about how your potential customer first encounters your business and proceed onto the Discovery phase when they are visiting your website. Through the use of website analytics we can draw on data that tells us how people have been directed to your website. We can see how many people arrived at your site via referrals from Facebook or Twitter, if you have been actively promoting your website content through these channels we would obviously expect to see a significant number of entrances to your website from these locations… if we don’t then we have to question why not, the analytics are telling us that our efforts aren’t being successful.

Equally you may wish to increase the level of traffic you’re receiving to your website from social media, to do so you begin posting to the platforms more regularly but what effect does it have? The analytics will be able to tell you because if you have been successful you should see more referrals from the platforms in your data. You can then make an educated decision as to whether the extra effort you put into the marketing effort on social media was worth the return you got on it. If you only received an extra 5% in referrals but it took twice as long to undertake was the investment in your effort worthwhile?

Taking things on a step further, you know how many referrals you are generating from the Exposure element of your sales funnel but how are these visitors interacting with your website content during the Discovery section? Are they reaching the pages you want them to see? If not, why not? What are they viewing instead? Are they staying on your website and looking at different content to what you wanted them to see or are they leaving your website and going elsewhere? All of this information can be teased out of your website’s analytic data and by analysing it you can question and identify what needs to be done differently in order to keep them progressing through the various stages of your sales funnel and you can monitor how efficiently this is occurring. If you know you have 1000 visitors and received one lead your conversion rate is 0.1% – if you make a change to something and you increase your conversion rate to 0.5% then you know that change has been for the better and you’ll want to keep it in place.

As you can hopefully see, website analytics provide you with a powerful insight to the performance of your website and your wider marketing efforts. They provide the means by which you can understand the hidden depths of how your potential customers are engaging with your business, providing insight to how you can continually hone your website and marketing performance to ultimately deliver greater returns on your investment.

In our final post we will take a look at the need for Maintenance and Support and how it influences a successful website.

In the meantime if you are considering having a new website for your business and would like to contact Worth Developing about how we can help you deliver a successful website project please use our Start Your Project page – we’ll ask you a short series of questions to gain an initial understanding what you wish to achieve from the project before arranging a suitable time to give you a call and discuss things in greater detail.

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