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Customer Engagement For A Successful Website

In our earlier posts looking at the requirements of designing a successful website we have mainly focussed on the prerequisite items for consideration whilst designing your new website, prior to actually building the website as a live entity. In essence they are the foundation blocks which underpin your website’s design and development. Going forward you still need to be actively working with and promoting your website, that is the reason the website exists, to give your business a tool for marketing. However, in our experience, this is the stage most businesses overlook, as we touched on in our introduction post.

What we see are businesses building new websites, investing money into a marketing resource and then doing nothing with it, just leaving it to exist in the background of their business, essentially writing off their investment costs over a number of years.

Engaging with your customers through the modern digital channels, and most importantly through your website, is the key to making your website successful. If you think about traditional offline marketing methods one of the main elements is networking, speaking to people. Businesses go along to events (or even just to see their existing clients) to meet other businesses, they talk about their services, they hear the problems other business are trying to overcome and provide advice and insightful information about how they may be able to help or at the very least offer some advice, perhaps mention someone else who would be good for them to talk to etc. etc.  By doing this they are engaging with their potential customers, building up a relationship and trust so when the time comes that the business or person they have been communicating with needs a service you provide, your business will be the one that they turn to, after all they are now familiar with you, they trust you and they are confident you can do the job they need you to do. The principles of online marketing are no different.

So how do you engage with your customers through your website? The answer is through providing regular, useful content through your website. Most people would refer to it as ‘Blogging’ or ‘Content Marketing’. Personally I thinking the two phrases can actually do more harm than good when it comes to businesses buying into it as a way to make their website work for them. I think they are both misunderstood, almost flouncy, terms thrown around at will as the answer to everything. I think many businesses fear the resources they are going require to generate the content and also view it as somewhat of an indulgence, something which is a deviation from the service they actually provide as a business… why would an accountant want to spend time writing generic content about their latest office news when it takes away time from actually doing a client’s accounts and earning money? They simply wouldn’t would they!

The key to successful customer engagement through your website is by understanding what information your customers want and hear about from you. Remember in our earlier post we highlighted that your customers’ needs and requirements are different to what you ‘actually do’ as a business, the same is true here when you’re considering the content to produce.

If we look at it from the perspective of what information does your potential customer want to know we can see that in essence it is no different to physically going along to a networking event and telling each person you meet there that same piece of information. However by presenting the information in the form of blog post you are not only able to tell that person face to face when you meet them, you are also able to go back to your office and drop them an email with a link to the information on your website. You have now engaged with your potential customer twice, you are building up trust and developing a relationship. You have also just pointed them towards your website so when they proceed to have a look at the link you sent they will be engaging with you again and, in all likelihood, they are going to have a look around the rest of your website and continue to find out more about your business which will again help build their level of familiarity and trust with you.

Beyond the one to one usage of the material you have used your blog post for outlined above, you also now have a marketing asset you can utilise with your broader efforts of generating new business. You can post out through social media channels or provide an email to all your existing customers, along with any email addresses of potential leads you have, promoting that the useful content is available on your website. By doing so you are engaging with your existing customers once again, adding value to your services whilst continuing to build trust and re-inforcing your position as an expert in your field with your potential future customers.

Generating new business takes time and follows a process. Customers are savvy shoppers nowadays and ongoing engagement with them is a key ingredient in converting them from leads to clients. We look at this in greater depth when we cover Sales Funnels in a later post, next however we are going to look at Lead Generation.

If you are looking to have a new website produced for your business and would like to speak to us at Worth Developing about how we can help you produce a successful website that helps your business grow then please contact us through our Start Your Project page – we’ll ask you a series of questions about your project to give us an initial insight to what you’re looking for before arranging a suitable time to speak to you in greater depth.

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