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Considering Your Website’s Visitors

Following on from our previous post about Identifying Your Target Market / Audience we come to Considering Your Website’s Visitors. By this we mean your human visitors… we’ll look at search engine considerations in our next post.

It goes without saying that considering your website visitors is going to be a crucial factor in designing a successful website. In our experience it’s usually the one factor most Web Designers do focus on (the visual element at least!) after all this is the section where they get to be creative and put together a swanky looking design for you. In all honesty though, this is also the section where the Web Designer is able to pull the wool over your eyes! This is where you are presented with fancy looking mock ups of what your website will look like, it’s full of placeholder text such as ‘Lorem Ipsum’ and large bold graphics that light up your senses. You see a fresh, modern design which looks so much more appealing than your current website’s dated appearance… what’s not to like?!

Let’s just take a step back a moment. Are you being presented with something that has considered your aims and objectives, does what you are being shown deliver what your website visitor is looking for? Does it deliver a narrative that resonates with your customer’s needs or is it simply presenting what you do as a business? Remember from our previous post Identifying Your Target Market / Audience your customer’s needs will be different to what ‘you do’ as a business.

To coin a couple of famous sayings, will your new website design provide Substance Over Style and does its Form follow Function or is the wrong way around?!

Visual design is subjective, we come across it all the time, one person loves a design the other person doesn’t like the colour green! The biggest visual requirement of your site is to be in keeping with your business branding, after that the design should be focussed on delivering the elements you need to support your sales funnel and deliver the aims and objective you set out to achieve in order to provide your return on investment. Yes it should still look good, that still goes without saying but I doubt your primary objective when deciding to have a new website was to build something that simply looked good was it!

So what should your web designer be considering in relation to your visitors when they are designing your website? The simply answer to this is they should be considering your aims and objectives and how best to meet them by designing your visitor’s journey through your website towards the action you wish them to take. In order to do this successfully there will be many considerations but three of the main ones will be:

Your website visitor has arrived at your website because they are looking to achieve something or have been searching for something specific, most likely in Google. If they can’t easily find what they are looking for or a way to get to what they are looking for they will simply leave, go back to Google and try one of your competitors’ websites in an attempt to find it.

One item we see a lot of in modern designs are the use of large ‘Hero’ type graphics, often taking up the whole screen when the page loads… why?! Your visitor has to scroll past it just to find the information they are looking for! The design has instantly made it more difficult for you to communicate with your potential customer!

Visual Hierarchy
Closely tied to simplicity is the visual hierarchy of elements within your website’s design, as mentioned the large ‘Hero’ graphics more often than not don’t provide any benefit other than being visually appealing so why are they given so much emphasis? The visual hierarchy of your website should naturally help gravitate your users towards the aspects of your website which are of greatest importance first. Your end goal is to have your visitor undertake a desired action, that may be to purchase something or to provide you with their contact details, so the content and its layout should be designed to take them on a journey towards that goal, in a manner that feels natural and enjoyable.

We all do it, when we’re looking to purchase something or when we are deciding who to use for a certain service we research our options. We are looking for the company who provide us with the most value for our money, the one that fits our needs best. As consumers we need reassurance that spending our money with a certain company is a good choice. Designing your website isn’t always just about the purely visual elements of it but also about designing the content to meet the needs of your visitors as well. Providing the credibility, providing the reassurance and delivering the proof that you really are the company to choose.

There are many facets to a website’s design that influence your visitor’s experience, focussing on and appreciating these elements allows a design to be developed which goes deeper than simply being eye candy, your website visitor is ultimately looking for more than just an attractive looking website.

In our next post we’ll take a look at the considerations needed for search engines and how this should influence your thoughts when designing a new website.

In the meantime if you’re considering having a new website built and would be interested in speaking with us at Worth Developing please contact us through our Start Your Project page – we’ll ask you a series of questions about your project to give us an initial insight to what you’re looking for before arranging a suitable time to speak to you in greater depth.

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