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  1. The importance of using SSL on your website.

    SSL has long been a fundamental element of ecommerce stores, strangely though SSL hasn’t really become a mainstream characteristic of ‘day-to-day’ websites. Moving forward however that is going to change, in fact it already is beginning to and it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.

    17th March 2017 | by James Taylor

  2. Website Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance and support is essential in running a successful website for your business. It is a critical requirement a for your website, the internet isn’t always a cordial place, more and more regularly we see on the news how large websites, even banking websites, are maliciously hacked. Make sure yours isn’t one.

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

  3. Emabrace Your Website Analytics & Data

    Simply put, if you can’t monitor the statistics your website is capable of delivering to you, you can’t analyse how well the various sections of your marketing strategy or sales funnel are performing. You have no way of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

  4. Budgets When Developing A New Website

    One of the greatest problems a client has when determining the budget they wish to allocate to building a new website is they have no real understanding of what a website is likely to cost. Much like buying a car you can spend a couple of hundred pounds or hundreds of thousands of pounds on the most exotic Ferrari in the showroom. Knowing what you are looking for helps you know your budget.

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

  5. How Your Website Functions In Your Sales Funnel

    A ‘Sales Funnel’ is the term given to how you ‘sell’ the services or products your business offer. Your Sales Funnel encapsulates more than just your website but your website should be designed as its central hub delivering the information and guidance your potential customers need to become your clients.

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

  6. Generating Leads From Your Website

    Asking the customer to contact you places all the emphasis on them to take the initiative and to get in touch with you. Turning this around so the emphasis is on you to deliver something valuable to them breaks down the barriers and allows you to deliver on your promise… and begin building trust.

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

  7. Customer Engagement For A Successful Website

    Engaging with your customers through the modern digital channels, and most importantly through your website, is the key to making your website successful. If you think about traditional offline marketing methods one of the main elements is networking, speaking to people… your website is no different.

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

  8. Considering Search Engines For A Successful Website

    Considering how your website is viewed by search engines is just as important as how it is viewed by your potential customers. Search engines have the power to deliver large volumes of potential business to your website or to cast it into the obscurity of the internet.

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

  9. Considering Your Website’s Visitors

    It goes without saying that considering your website visitors are going to be a crucial factor in designing a successful website but does your website design provide Substance Over Style and does its Form follow Function or is the wrong way around?!

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

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    Identifying your target audience helps you connect with their mindset and in doing so view your service through their eyes. When you do this you can look at your service or product differently to the way you see it as the service provider or seller.

    14th November 2016 | by James Taylor

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