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Worth Developing have been designing websites for well over a decade. During that time we have helped countless clients bring their businesses to life on the internet, increasing their customer engagement, achieving their goals and helping to grow their businesses.

We are proud of our past work but we are not complacent, we approach every new job with the same verve, enthusiasm and drive to provide solutions which continue to surpass our clients’ expectations.

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Why Budgets Matter

Budgets matter because, as with most things in life, you do get what you pay for! We often see businesses simply investing in their website in order to provide a visually modern website for their clients to peruse. In this situation we can appreciate why customers wish to spend as little as possible, they don’t have any plan in place for how to recoup a return on their investment.

The alternative to the above thought process is to treat your new website development as an investment in your business, and as a business asset to be utilised into the future. By doing so a website can be created that enables your business to implement a strategy for lead generation and business development which provides the return on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered a few frequently asked questions for you in regards to our services.

How many projects do you take on?

Ideally we like to focus on no more than two individual projects at any one time, our years of experience have shown us that being able to provide the personal attention clients and projects need is what delivers the best results. However with that said, and very much depending upon the size of projects we curently have underway we may increase the projects we are working on to three if the circumstances allow.

How much do you cost?

The $64,000 question! There are many different factors that influence the cost of building a website, and as we’re sure you’ll appreciate answering the question directly is a little like asking how long is a piece of string! However…

We price fairly on the work we undertake and we believe we provide a high level of value for money to our clients through the work we produce. As we are always focused on obtaining long term relationships we often work with our clients in order to deliver solutions to match their budget, and this is how we approach all new projects we undertake.

For a better understanding of the potential costs involved we would invite you to visit the following article and view the sections ‘Turnkey WordPress Setup & Maintenance’ along with ‘Custom WordPress Design / Development’ – https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/a-general-pricing-guide-for-wordpress-websites – you’ll find we are generally somewhere between the two sections when it comes to pricing.

Am I the right fit to work with you?

We work with clients across all industries which include long standing, well established businesses as well as new businesses just starting out on their journey. Above all else we work with businesses we know we can help.

Whatever your circumstances please reach out to us, our knowledge and experience can be very useful in helping you formulate a better understanding of your business and website requirements, and if in the worse case scenario we don’t feel we are the correct fit for each other we will never turn anyone away without providing you with the advice you need.

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